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National Power Grid Corp to build "universal" township power supply
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      Township power substation is the minimum unit of power grid enterprise marketing executive, is also to face the market, service the front of hundreds of millions of rural customers, increasing farmers' income, agricultural growth and rural stability. In 2017, facing the new situation, new business, state grid corporation is put forward to build business coordinated operation, service personnel mastering many skills while specializing in, once in place of "universal" township power substation, improving the capacity of power supply service better. What is the "all-powerful" township power station? Why build a "all-powerful" township power station? What new changes will it bring to township supply and electricity, especially rural development? With these questions, reporters follow the power supply and enter the end of the service.

New villages call for new services

February 10th is a rare sunny day. The intter north wind howled through the hills, across the plain, blowing through the smog, and re-emerging the blue sky of the town. The next day is the 15th day of the first lunar month, a small town in Luint county, qinhuangdao, Hebei province, is still in the atmosphere of Chinese New Year.

The village of Wei jiagou, in the lower hills, the villagers' houses are built up on the ground floor. In this several layers of appearance about house, have a family is much higher than other people's house, 40 pieces of photovoltaic panels on the roof lined up, particularly conspicuous under the sun. The reporter followed the door-to-door to make the maintenance of the photovoltaic equipment to the two eyes town supply and the electric staff members to climb up the hill, to wei fu chengjia. 

In mid-2015, wei fucheng installed distributed photovoltaic installations on his daughter's advice. Forty photovoltaic panels have performed well since the start of the day, averaging about 50 degrees per day. In 2016, the rooftop solar power generation has not only met wei fu's annual demand for electricity, but also made more than 16,000 yuan in excess electricity. "Plus pensions, that's enough! "Said wei, laughing.

"There will be more and more distributed photovoltaic households for our future services." Double at town once hai-jie zhang, director told reporters that dream "the deepest experience over the years, rural development way, the villagers' way of thinking is changing, our power supply is also facing new demand and change." 

Mr Zhang is right. In 2016, the national grid, a new retrofit upgrade completed the 36000 small cities and towns (central village) and the lifting power, 22000, 782000 eyes power will initiate a new transformation on and task. The rural electrification of the village has been continuously improved, and the way of development is undergoing great changes. In addition to the popularization and application of distributed photovoltaic like WeiGu Village outside, in the villages and towns, electricity instead of promotion, electric vehicle charging pile aint the highway fast construction, as well as the "Internet + marketing" and so on lead to change the way of service, the more network marketing business the smallest unit of execution, and face the market, service customers of villages and towns in the forefront of power substation is put forward higher requirements.

On February 5, the central committee of the CCP, the state council on deepening structural reform to speed up agricultural rural agricultural supply side several opinions to the development of new kinetic energy release. It is mentioned that the development of agricultural and rural areas in China "has entered a new historical stage". We will continue to improve agricultural competitiveness and green development capacity, accelerate the development of new drivers of agricultural and rural development, and create a new situation in agricultural modernization. This is the 14th year of continuous focus on the work of "agriculture, agriculture and agriculture", as well as the new development of new countryside, which will bring new opportunities and challenges to the power supply service.

"China is stronger, the agriculture must be strong; China wants to be rich, the farmer must be rich; China wants beauty, the countryside must be beautiful." To realize the socialist new countryside, so numerous towns power substation is their development is a matter of rural economic and social development, is a matter of rural energy consumption revolution, and a rural, the new changes and new requirements, power supply service of small towns is also put forward new requirements, make building has a higher service level of the villages and towns power substation is imperative.

New services are in urgent need of new models

When got out from the villagers, the reporter went on the breakdown van of “Shuangwang” town, to the state grid corporation of “Shuangwang” town, a "five-star" township power substation power substation. As its north Hebei electric co., LTD. "Area manager duty" pilot unit.  The power supply in the implementation of the system, greatly improve the electricity recovery, "two votes" qualified rate, duration of repair rate, customer satisfaction rate.

In the conference room on the third floor of the supply office, the reporter was attracted by a colorful sand dish. Use different color mark in the sand the whole double at the town of power substation service area is divided into eight parts, and that's what power supply employees of "eight grid cell", each area has its own "a mu 3 distribute land", in order to facilitate more accurate, rapid and diversified services. Through the establishment of distribution network operations, marketing services, comprehensive management of the trinity of area manager team mechanism, double at town once build up customer oriented service system, realized the real provide "zero distance" service to our customers.

Business class monitor said Gary fung, integrating employee team, the villagers of electricity repair service will be more rapid response, power supply in the first place to employees arrived at the scene. In the meantime, system workers are sent to the group, avoiding the risk of personal assignments and the working tickets are more standardized. 

It was deepened over the years, the state grid company star power substation construction, improving power substation management and service level, to better serve the construction of new socialist countryside. The reporter learnt, in star power substation in the process of creating, luint power supply branch by optimizing Settings, "grid" management unit of execution, the standardized operations, changed the past personal Bao Village work situation, cracked the villages and towns power substation management bottleneck, make once a powerful engine of the development of the service place.

However, as the rural environment and situation change, the demand for the power supply is not fixed. As Zhang haijie, the director, felt, the township power supply should seek higher levels of development under the guidance of state grid corporation. On the one hand, because our country is still in the depth of the economic adjustment, the industrial transformation and upgrading of the critical period, sell electricity grid growth continued ascension of the foundation is not solid, high strength, rigid growth and electricity cost growth is slowing, the increasingly prominent contradiction between benefit growth difficulties, to increase quality, operating risk control put forward higher requirements.

Need power grid enterprises to speed up the cultivate new growth points, to improve the level of the lean management, as a grid at the end of the villages and towns power substation are bound to comply with the new changes; , on the other hand, with the new rural energy, electric power service demand and utilization mode of diversified development, the development of village and township power substation mode, management concept, service mode and will bring an impact, the need to change the traditional haints of thinking and working way, take the market as the guide, customer as the center of the marketing mechanism, it is necessary to reform the smart, convenient, accurate and efficient power supply service system must speed up the establishment, change passive service to active service, extensive service for precision, around the characteristics and requirements of the implementation of the customer value marketing, to better create value for customers, delivered value, has become the most urgent task facing township power substation.

The reporter learnt from the state grid corporation Marketing Department, the state grid company has always attached great importance to the villages and towns power substation management work, through the "three sets of five" system construction, rural power substation comprehensive management level and service ability has a new ascension. However, village and township power substation management still exist in the management of weak foundation, service capability is not strong, infrastructure more debt problems, such as history, restricted the villages and towns to further improve the management level of power substation, in such a situation, to actively push forward power substation construction mode, build the "universal" township power substation is necessary.

New models bring new changes


So what is the "all-powerful" township power station?


In state grid corporation of the third session of the second session of the workers congress and work conference in 2017, the state grid company chairman, party secretary ShuYin puma gives the answer: "to comprehensively consider the administrative area, customer scale, marketing power, service radius factors, adjust measures to local conditions to optimize power substation layout and set up, perfect the organizational structure and personnel configuration, implement differentiation control. Improve the production conditions, promote the cooperate a camp, coordinated operation, personnel mastering many skills while specializing in building business, service in place of the 'universal' town once at a time."


On February 6th, the national grid corporation's marketing (agricultural and electricity) meeting in 2017 made an explicit request for the "all-powerful" township power supply.


How to explain the all-powerful?


In an interview, the Marketing Department of the state grid corporation gave further answers. The reporter understands, the next step, the state grid company will fully arouse the enthusiasm of provincial, city and county company, clear at all levels of management responsibility of power substation, city and county company of villages and towns of power substation management relations; In accordance with local conditions, the township supply and electricity stations are set up and differentiated management is implemented, and the new business is carried out in accordance with the idea of "terminal integration" in the business. We will further strengthen the organization and construction of rural supply and power supply, and continuously optimize the allocation of human resources and improve the infrastructure to ensure the demand for rural power supply.


More tightly as you can see, the fusion, business more diverse, more scientific management, service more effective, more rich functions, become a "universal" the biggest characteristic of power substation.


Involves specific work, on the one hand, the state grid company will adhere to the principle of improving operation efficiency and service quality, and considering the administrative area, customer scale, marketing power, service radius factors, adjust measures to local conditions to optimize rural power substation layout and set up, perfect the organizational structure and personnel configuration. State grid corporation, on the other hand, will comprehensively promote the villages and towns once camp with business integration, promote rural low-voltage distribution operations, equipment management, the area of marketing management and customer service in the integration of "area manager system"; To strengthen the support of rural distribution network planning in the township supply and electricity industry; Study, expand the villages and towns once business scope in the condition of the villages and towns power substation, conduct electricity substitute, electric car charger for electric facilities construction and service, photovoltaic and other distributed power supply and micro grid operations and post-commissioning maintenances new business, to speed up the "+" Internet and electronic trade promotion, achieve the "one-stop" services.


In addition, the state grid company also to staff team construction and infrastructure investment made, put forward the construction of complex staff and increase investment in infrastructure and other specific requirements.


Predictably, with coordinated operation, personnel mastering many skills while specializing in this business, service in place of the "universal" at a time of villages and towns of power substation is built, the development of the township power substation will be of a higher level, will not only realize the human, financial and highly intensive, more in lean management, on the basis of scientific development, continuously improve service ability, make the service method is more effective, more timely service response, service means more convenient, all-weather, diversification, personalized service to meet the different needs of customers, the release of stronger service ability and create more service benefit.


In the future, the "universal" power substation, as at the end of the power grid to grow out of the millions of smart, sharp, personalized roots, the roots will be deeply rooted in the vast China, bring economic and social development, especially the new rural construction is strong, the development of new power.

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