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The "300" Action Launch Ceremony was Held in Xingji Company
Time:2017-05-16 Click:779

      "300" action of Wenzhou human social security system, refers to the "hundreds of cadres, hundreds of enterprises", "hundreds of experts help hundreds of enterprises", and "hundreds of technicians help hundreds of companies". This activity to chose the 72 companies throughout the city, through the party members and cadres, "projects" talents more frequent communication with the enterprise, the enterprise to visit regularly and for the enterprise to carry out the policy, talent, technology and intelligence service, to help enterprises to resolve practical problems involving human social security department job functions, the medium and int term established between enterprises and experts, skills, talents and docking services, promote the enterprise the depth of the combination, help enterprise innovation and development.

On the afternoon of November 8, the "300" operation was held in Xingji company. Vice Chief of Wenzhou municipal committee of the organization and chief of municipal deputy minister of human social security bureau, Xu Shuncong, city of human social security bureau, deputy director  Dong Xuhui, vice minister of Ouhai district party committee organization, director of human social security bureau Chen Jilin and corps experts attended the event. Zhang Ruhai, general manager of Xingji Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd, warmly welcomed the leaders and experts, and thanked to the municipal and district human social security department for xing machine company personnel and related aspects of support and affirmation, Zhang introduce the company's talent status and development trend in recent years to the guests. 

At the launch ceremony, Chen jilin, director of the ouhai district human social security bureau, delivered a speech on behalf of the ouhai. He says “Those who declared to participate in the "300" action are high-tech enterprises like Xingji Electrical Apparatus Co., Ltd and other 4 companies in Ouhai. It’s in urgent need of the expert knowledge of scientific guidance. The holding of "300" operation, which brought a "talent and timely rain" to the ouhai enterprises, provided a rare learning opportunity for the development of the ouhai enterprise.

Xu Shuncong, deputy director of the municipal party committee and the director of the municipal human and social security bureau, made an important speech. He stressed that the "300" initiative of the city's human social security system was designed to help enterprises transform and upgrade, attach great importance to and reinforce responsibility. We should give full play to the advantages and precision of the service. We should work for the best of our ability. Finally, he announced the official launch of the city's "300" human social security system.

After the ceremony, the executive vice President Chen chunchao made preliminary communication with experts on technical issues and service groups.

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