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XingJi hands in hands with Tibetan areas
Time:2017-05-16 Click:846

Morning of November 18, 2016, Three representatives of Wenzhou Xingji electrical apparatus co., LTD trip to aba Tibetan and Qiang autonomous prefecture Wenzhou public welfare organizations, sichuan province soil pond county puxi township central primary school to carry out a charitable activities.

Loitang county is located in the northwest of aba prefecture in sichuan province, with an average elevation of more than 3, 300 and a winter temperature of as low as minus 20 degrees. Puxi township central primary school is located in the south of the soil pond county is located in the mountains, canyons, schools with a total of 116 students and 18 teachers, students as parent-school round-trip journey far away, all in residence, go home once every two weeks. Parents farm for a living, mostly because of the high altitude, crop yield is not high, the vast majority of families no other economic sources, excavation of medicinal materials, only rely on up the hill to eke out a living. So most of the families are living in tight suo food all the year round, single parent families of students and orphans also accounted for the proportion of quite a number of these have a different degrees of impact on children's physical and mental health.

      Therefore, as a coastal economic developed area of private enterprises, have a duty to repay society, for the poor areas, especially in minority poverty areas children were given a piece of love, make a charity.

The public welfare activities for poverty alleviation through careful planning and material preparation, after a int journey, overcome the plateau response, eliminate the difficulties of logistics miles soil in sichuan basin county puxi township central primary school, in person to the students of the school sent love Tibetan robe uniforms, school bags and stationery supplies - coat, etc., also went to see the two children of single-parent families.

The children of the puxi township central primary school in aba loitang county will be able to enjoy a "warm" winter this year and wish them a happier and happier future.