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In 2017, the Tendency of China's energy storage industry
Time:2017-05-16 Click:987

      In 2017, under the background of policy support, many enterprises are stepping up their efforts to expand the storage market.

      Energy storage applications throughout the power system, transmission, distribution, use, including FM, load, delay the transmission and distribution capacity upgrade, standby power supply, peak peel, electricity management and so on are the energy storage is the market value of some applications.In recent years, the global energy storage market steadily forward, back in 2016, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and other major global energy storage market booming, the UK, Australia, India market is becoming more and more active.

      After 2016 years preparation, in 2017, under the background of policy support, many enterprises began to intensify efforts to layout, storage market, further explore a for-profit business model. During the 13th five-year plan period, energy storage industry is expected to maintain a healthy and sustainable development, break through the threshold of the commercial application, to realize the multiple value system, become a support energy revolution, the construction of a new force to our low carbon green ecological system.

According to Zhongguancun energy storage industry technology alliance, a senior research manager Li Daixin introduction, the application of energy storage areas including power distribution, power demand side management, electric cars and distributed generation and micro network and power auxiliary services, renewable energy generation, etc. At present, the market of North America, Asia and Europe, Asia Pacific is the main market for storage, and the UK, Australia and India are becoming more and more active.

      Energy storage battery industry in China in 2016-2021 market demand and investment consulting report shows that China's energy storage market development began in 2010, over the past 2016 years, the energy storage application domain is more clear, energy storage quantity of project planning, energy storage vendors, user units, investment and financing institutions to actively expand the application of energy storage market, explore a variety of application pattern of energy storage, vigorously promote the commercial application of storage.

So far, China's energy-storage market has experienced three stages of development. The first is the technical verification stage (2000-2010), which is mainly a demonstration of basic research and technology verification. Second is application demonstration stage (2011-2015), through the demonstration project, energy storage performance rapid ascension are clear, application model, application value has been widely recognized. Three is the commercialization of initial stage (2016-2020), as the strengthening policy support, market mechanism gradually straighten out and multidisciplinary fusion penetration, China's energy storage projects installed scale rapid increase, gradually established business model.

The energy storage industry is expected to explode in 2017. According to the data, the annual compound growth rate of the global energy storage industry has reached 193% in the past five years, and the capacity of China's energy storage market is expected to reach us $100 billion over the next ten years. "The advantage", SMW power supply, shanshan stock, the porch high-tech, male towers, the lion a the battery companies such as science and technology in the field of energy storage to layout.

      Energy storage application prospect, the future will be for our country economic growth, green energy development to create great value, but the technology as a new industry, at the present stage development still faces some problems.

      Dr Division merchants Xiong Bin analysis thinks, energy storage market before, one is limited by cost, profit space is weak, coupled with lithium battery before factory production capacity is limited, in the face of a higher price to bear ability of the new energy automotive industry, energy storage industry development underpowered; Second, the policy is not clear, the development of the energy storage market especially in peak regulation, sell electricity side system obstacles need to be solved, and before the change has been slow, influence the development of the energy storage market.

      There are many in the industry analysis, from the domestic existing policy trends, due to the energy storage business models is unclear, the short-term measures to "specific, pratt &whitney" fiscal subsidies.

      Some industry insiders have said frequent policy introduced in the second half of 2016, 2017 more explicit subsidy policy, energy storage has been in the market on the eve of the outbreak, in 2017, 2018, must be the market competition intense period.

      In June 2016, the national energy administration formally launched the "about promoting electric energy storage to participate in" three north "area of power auxiliary services compensation (market) notice of the pilot mechanism to accelerate the formation of the market. Has introduced the renewable energy development "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning file is clear, such as promoting energy storage technology demonstration application is one of the main tasks, at the same time is committed to solve the problem of" abandon the wind power brownouts ", guarantee the non-fossil energy by 2020 15% of primary energy consumption ratio to achieve goals.

      In the future, our country's energy change, the large-scale renewable energy access and the further deepening of power system reform will create huge market opportunities for energy storage industry, the development of energy storage technology optimization will be more close to the market and the needs of users. Technology economy, application, market mechanism and the improvement of the pricing system is a focus in the future, and is the most pressing need exploration and mining multiple parties together for energy storage industry can achieve business profitable market, realize healthy and sustainable development of industries.

      In combination, the energy-storage industry is moving quickly towards commercialization. At the technical level, the cost of storage and energy has decreased rapidly and performance has been greatly improved. At the policy level, the policy support system of the energy-storage industry is improving. At the market level, the electric market environment that supports storage and energy applications is gradually formed. Economy level, as the energy storage is more involved in the electricity market, such as energy and ancillary services, capacity helps energy storage superposing multiple application value and benefits, shortening the period of return on investment, actively promote the commercial application of storage.