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Xingji--The Star of the Quarter
Time:2017-04-07 Click:994

Ye Jianhua joined the Jointing Group of our development workshop in February 2016. She is mainly responsible for automatic welding of related tasks. At the beginning, she was not familiar with this work. After her hard work, now she can do well in this job.

Since September 2016, as institutional orders increased, automatic welding production task grew as well. However, it was hard for company to hire more welding engineers at a short time. She volunteered to increase her workload despite of the hot summer. She is the only female in the Jointing Group, but she never complains about the tough conditions. Ye is the one who always fulfilled her job, always keep a good working state and always inspire her colleagues.

Ma Changgen is a tongman in metalworking shop. Since Ma joined the group in March 2015 he has been the one who never stop learning from others to fulfill himself in skill and specialized knowledge. He is strict with himself and care about others. Ma said that I always tried my best to fulfill the tasks no matter how difficult it is. He is always the first one to start work and finish his job on time. Sometime there are orders in urgent, to finish the task, he always stays up at night in company until 22:00.