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Cooperating with CRRC Times Electric CO.,LTD , XingJi Walk into the rail transit field
Time:2017-04-07 Click:1165

CRRC Times Electric CO.,LTD is a well-known rail transit equipment system integrators and high-end parts suppliers. They have successful design products in the development of urban rail traction power supply system and they also have has rich experience in the current power supply system of the application of DC switch cabinet, including its specifications and application.

On August 9, He Wen deputy managing director of CRRC Times Electric CO.,LTD and other two representatives came to visit our company. Zhang Ruhai general manager of Xingji Electric Apparatus co., LTD delivered the warm welcome to them on behalf of himself and the stuff. Chen Chunchao deputy managing director of Xingji Electric Apparatus co., LTD introduced the basic situation of the company to guests, including product type, production equipment and production capacity, etc., Mr.Zhang and Mr.Chen led the guest a visit to the assembly shop for further understanding, and confirmed the cooperation intentions thorough communication and negotiation. The guest gave the full affirmation to the company's technology strength, manufacturing process, product quality and technical service. 

Through technical exchanges, the development of manufacturing of supporting institutions "circuit breaker handcart" which is used in DC high-speed circuit-breakers form Secheron of DC switchgear, the early stage of the cooperation, it was successfully applied in three engineering projects( "changsha maglev traction power supply system", "kunming branch line 1", "kunming branch line3" ).

The strategic cooperation with CRRC Times Electric CO.,LTD, Xingji will enter a new chapter in the field of urban rail transit in China.